It’s one of those days when you question everything in your life. That one moment of the day when an incident triggers the weak in you. It hits you. If only you could figure it all out but instead you keep going. Because it’s just your head playing with your heart. It’s simply another lazy hour that engulfs you. When your soul turns dark. I feel too much, I absorb too much. But can never say it all. I feel the numbness within me, questions that cross my mind at the rate of 1000 word per minute. The ifs, the donts, the whys. I search for answers within but the torch of light isn’t helping me delve deep in my heart. I keep fighting my demons. Those darker entities that block my vision. Confusion and bewilderment take over the peace within me. That utter confusion which makes your heart pound faster when you oscillate between your decisions. I make mistakes, I’m human. But am I too guilty to be a human instead? Sometimes it wrecks my mind. I force myself to stop the thoughts. I’m too full to ask you. Why am I such a private person? I hope someday I have the ounce to let my thoughts roar and echo. Until then, I’ll sink in them and still learn to float. Yes, I’m happy. I’m fine. It’s just this hour in the middle of an afternoon and I’m fighting my demons.

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Being a COMPUTER SCIENCE Student and having this love for WRITING, I came up with this project for contributing to LITERATURE COMMUNITY. Whenever I find myself with leisure time, I come here and write about various things. Providing various categories for custom readers was an initiative to bring selective readers on this website too.

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