A run for the bread

A Run for the bread.

One fine day on my way back home, I was enjoying the view on my bike and ranting about something to myself. Well, the usual when you’re alone random thoughts hit you and your mind churns into overthinking.
Suddenly out of nowhere a middle aged man, torn clothes came running in front of my bike and I pressed the brakes of my bike too sharp causing me to fall on the road. I was so enraged. Like any other man I bursted ” pagal hai kya, marr jaega aise”. That poor man didn’t even say a word, he picked up the toy that had fallen in the middle of the road looked up into my eyes with remorse and help but didn’t utter a single word. He took that balloon, kept it in his basket of those and went back to his corner stall.

I stood up, still in anger left that place after cursing a bit more.

It was my time to sleep, I jumped into bed after such an exhausting day. I was worn out but I kept on tossing in bed. I realized there was something that was keeping me up. Yes, it was the incident that happened in the afternoon. I pondered over the thought why would a man risk his life for a single balloon. He didn’t even pay any heed to the danger he was putting himself into. And it struck me, probably those balloons and the stall he’d put every single day was the only means to meet both ends for his family. The only means of an income for his wife and kids with their little smiling faces. And I just lay there wondering how every toy he sold cost him his daily wage.

You see, we ignore these little things happening around. We tend not to care about it and let them go. It is these people in the streets working who sometimes don’t even get a proper meal for the day. We need to respect every individual. Sometimes, just simply help them. How? By maybe buying one thing or other if we can. Because for the least of all he is not begging, he is trying. He is trying to do something that he can.

I wondered tomorrow again that man would be up for his daily work of selling those balloons and if one of the balloon detaches again he would run for it. Run. Run for his daily bread and that Balloon. Both metaphorically and literally.


By – Aman Pandey.

Volunteer, DD KA BLOG

Ananya Singh

The author Ananya Singh

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  1. Wow. Left me in tears. :’)
    For once, everyone should think about our surroundings and people in it. It will help us to become a better person someday.
    I am grateful to the observers like you. Thanks for existing.

  2. We all are running. ain’t we ? Some for bread, some for luxuries of life. We can’t afford to stop but we can take moment’s out to see and Cherish life around us & u did so.
    Nice bhai do write more content.

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