“Something is magical here.” She said , sitting at the corner seat peeping out through the window.

“Yeah, you feel so?”

“Yes a lot… feel pretty unearthy but everytime I visit this place when it rains, those drizzles striking the windows and failing to subject their shape, everything becomes so much beautiful. Dont you feel?”

“Yeah! I mean ok…(sigh) it feels.”

[She glanced at him nodding her head and turning towards the window again]

“Can we order one coffee?” She said softening her voice.

“Sure why not..”

“Just one cup!”

“Umm…okay one cup i know..”

“No, just for you..not me”

“Ok..but why?”

“No, i just want to smell the aroma and wanted to see that Barista brewing coffee”

“Hah! You are so unclear” he said while ordering.

“Yeah I know… I used to ccomeat this  cafe with Mumma when I was sixteen and I used to love these windows back then too…used to imagine life outside the window moving at a slower pace.”

“Oh! So you want to retrospect those memories…”

“No! Not at all”

“I just want to see you sipping coffee, want to smell the aroma filling this place and want to stare at these same chairs and wooden flooring and this entire cafè. It fills me, It truely does… Nothing changed…”

“You are stupid” He mumbled while sipping his coffee…

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