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Agriti Khurana – Nail Art Universe

1. Hello Agriti, Greetings from DDKABLOG. Tell us about yourself.

Hello people I am Agriti Khurana. I am pursuing Bsc Fashion technology from Amity University. My passion, hobby, first love everything is nail art. Maybe for people, nails are a small place to show creativity but for me it’s another world.

2. How and when you got into nail art?

Frankly speaking even I don’t know how I just started doing this. But it’s like initially I used to do this with toothpick. I just did scribbling on my nails with toothpick or made dots. I was always crazy about nail paints. It is a creative outlet for me.

3. How do you usually come with ideas of nail art?

Nail art is another piece of art which is all about how much you can be creative. I get inspiration from everything I see around myself. From a small needle to the never ending sky. Everything is inspiring for an artist. I want to capture every beautiful thing on my nails.

4. How long do you usually spend your time into it?

My 80 percent time is spent on nail art. It’s not only about doing nail art. But capturing new things in my mind from everyday activities and the things I see around myself. I spend my free time learning new techniques And making my art better.

5. Favorite nail art technique and then one tip for anyone who is a beginner in this? And what impact does it have in your life?

There are many techniques of doing nail art. New techniques are coming which are making nail art easier for some but complicated as well because you need to learn more and more. Although my all time favorite one is “freehand”. I like to draw things myself rather than stamping or making the use of sticker. For the beginners I would suggest that first start your art with the small things like making proper dots. Try to do it on plastic sheets first. Improve the posture of your fingers and have a control on your hands. Nail care is one of the most important thing about nail art, so keep moisturizing your hands and cuticles. Nail art is another name of happiness for me. It diverts my mind even if I am sad. It’s my favorite way passing my time away. It takes me to another creative world.





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