Amidst Dreams and Reality

He wept and she got him a handkerchief. But he could not speak. In one of the many pauses, he said, ” You know me. I can’t fall in love,” and uttered no other word. She held his hand but the mere touch on it moved him. It felt like a quick missed heartbeat. “But you’ve never denied loving me either,” she smiled tearfully. He turned his face towards the wall, ” I want to be alone.” ” But we’re alone together,” she replied with a jilted smile. “In this moment, we’re in a strangely beautiful world, unknown to other people,” he replied. “I hope this dream never ends,” she begged. “It won’t, I haven’t denied being in love with you yet,” he smirked. They smiled at each other across the corners of the library, as though sharing a common dream and resumed reading again.




The author dhruv_08

Being a COMPUTER SCIENCE Student and having this love for WRITING, I came up with this project for contributing to LITERATURE COMMUNITY. Whenever I find myself with leisure time, I come here and write about various things. Providing various categories for custom readers was an initiative to bring selective readers on this website too.

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