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Open letter to a BFF I lost


Hey bestie,

Well, I don’t know if I can address you with that anymore or not. But the kaleidoscope of our memories being best friends still run fresh in my mind. The journey from an awkward handshake to singing out loud and screaming at each other in public will always make me laugh. How people used to get confused between our names as we were always stuck together and others used to call us as a lesbian couple. Inseparable weirdos they would say.

Even though I was the one who broke the pact of our friendship, I miss it the most.
You were my ‘all-time-person’ , the one who heard my story in a melodramatic way, the one I could lean on anytime, anywhere but something didn’t click after all. You were always there for me and I don’t know if telling you all this now would make even a little bit of a difference. For me, this would atleast make me feel that I did even a bit on my part to tell you your worth in my life. This is to tell you how much you still mean to me.

I remember how I dodged your calls over and over again, started keeping secrets from you when I knew there was something happening in my heart, feelings were the cause. It happened for one of our common friend and He asked me out and I wanted to tell you but I couldn’t.

I was afraid that you would judge me because We used to say if we don’t get a guy till 30 we would start live together and take over the world. The only difference in us was that you didn’t believed in concept of love and I was a hardcore romantic. I could actually never tell you that clearly because it I thought it would make me sound less “cool” . As you termed those things to be “relationshit ” I couldn’t bring myself to tell you that I believe in the idea of love.

And that’s when I started hiding things from you. I ended up hiding my relationship from you, i ended up doing everything we promised not to do. I brought this opaqueness in the transparent friendship of ours. The only regret I will always have is that I should have told you what I really felt and shouldn’t have tried to hide my emotions and opinions just to be in “cool people” . Maybe because I didn’t want to lose you but I did anyway. And this mistake costed me our friendship.

Take this letter as an apology. Apology for not turning out to be the best of best friends and to the promises I made. I owed you this.

  • With a heavy heart
    Best friend, maybe.
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from birth to her rebirth


Blessed by a daughter, mother took her into her lap,father kissed her forehead.

“God bless her.  She is cute, but she is dark…” a voice muttered, and her story began…
‘Story of birth to rebirth’

Its the story of just couple of hours old infant, who didn’t even opened her eyes completely to see the world,  Yet the world criticized her.

Its the story of a school going young girl who was discriminated by her class fellows because of her colur.

Its story of a lover whose prince charming resided in her dreams only. Afterall, princes take only fair maidens with them.

Its a story, about the rising actor, who was brought down by her teacher from school play featuring her as princess, because princesses are never meant to be dark and dusky.

Yet, one must not forget, every Dusk is followed by Dawn.


A CHILD in her,
A FRIEND in her,
A LOVER in her,
An ACTOR in her died,
but a revolutionary WRITER was born.

 –  Nikita Jaiswal 

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Dear future lover,

Sorry if I’m asking a bit too much but I hope, I really hope that you’re a Hopeless Romantic, head over heels kinda romantic.

I know that being rational is the best way to get your relationship going, that forever is a lie and every break up makes you want to fall in love even lesser but still after knowing all this brutal truth, I want to make “us” memorable. I want you to take one day at a time and live with me. For once, but yes I want someone hopelessly in love with me.

Is it too difficult for you to love me with every nerve you’ve got?

I wonder if you’re dealing with a break up right now and deciding onto never loving a girl so much. Then wait, I’ll tell you what I’m in for.

The kind of love that makes you go weak in your knees. Not the fancy or the ideal movies type of romantic. That’s never been my thing. But the one which is too messy to handle yet we hold onto us tight. I am the kind of girl who would burst into tears with your 4 am call or a good morning text. If you would bring me food instead of flowers or tell me about your vulnerabilities on a Friday afternoon and suddenly grab me for a kiss. I warn you I’m a task that you’ll have to attempt to handle and would possibly force you to be my gossip partner. That’s what I am waiting for. For you to be my working week and my Sunday rest.
But trust me, I’ll be worth it, every inch of it.

All the things we’ll do for each other in the name of love. The little things, the little moments? They aren’t little. They will never be for me.

That’s what my idea of a Hopeless romantic is. I hope you end up being in my definition of it.

I might be asking too much out of you because that’s how I love. I fall hard and I won’t mind if it hurts.

Hope hurts. But I hope you end up being hopelessly in love with me and always keep me hopelessly in love with you too because I would choose you over and over again every single time and under any circumstances.

Still not yours,
A girl who awaits.

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A run for the bread

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A Run for the bread.

One fine day on my way back home, I was enjoying the view on my bike and ranting about something to myself. Well, the usual when you’re alone random thoughts hit you and your mind churns into overthinking.
Suddenly out of nowhere a middle aged man, torn clothes came running in front of my bike and I pressed the brakes of my bike too sharp causing me to fall on the road. I was so enraged. Like any other man I bursted ” pagal hai kya, marr jaega aise”. That poor man didn’t even say a word, he picked up the toy that had fallen in the middle of the road looked up into my eyes with remorse and help but didn’t utter a single word. He took that balloon, kept it in his basket of those and went back to his corner stall.

I stood up, still in anger left that place after cursing a bit more.

It was my time to sleep, I jumped into bed after such an exhausting day. I was worn out but I kept on tossing in bed. I realized there was something that was keeping me up. Yes, it was the incident that happened in the afternoon. I pondered over the thought why would a man risk his life for a single balloon. He didn’t even pay any heed to the danger he was putting himself into. And it struck me, probably those balloons and the stall he’d put every single day was the only means to meet both ends for his family. The only means of an income for his wife and kids with their little smiling faces. And I just lay there wondering how every toy he sold cost him his daily wage.

You see, we ignore these little things happening around. We tend not to care about it and let them go. It is these people in the streets working who sometimes don’t even get a proper meal for the day. We need to respect every individual. Sometimes, just simply help them. How? By maybe buying one thing or other if we can. Because for the least of all he is not begging, he is trying. He is trying to do something that he can.

I wondered tomorrow again that man would be up for his daily work of selling those balloons and if one of the balloon detaches again he would run for it. Run. Run for his daily bread and that Balloon. Both metaphorically and literally.


By – Aman Pandey.

Volunteer, DD KA BLOG

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I feared looking at you


I feared looking at you. You were a little lump of flesh, that burnt in flames of pink. I held your hand & you curled my fingers. I’ll always protect you, I vowed.

I feared looking at you. You were jumping around the house and got hurt. You were 3! I cleaned you & you would only let me hold you. I’ll always be the one you could trust, I vowed.

I feared looking at you. You were sitting with a book twice your weight. You were 7! I helped you read them & you repeated it loudly. I’ll always listen to you, I vowed.

I feared looking at you. You were crying when your maa denied for night overs. You were 13! I convinced her & you told me everything. I’ll always support you, I vowed.

I feared looking at you. You were engrossed in talking, smiling over your phone. You were 17! I tried to sit with you but saw something filling in between us, you told me generation gap. I’ll always try to be a friend, I vowed.

I feared looking at you. You were going out more, told maa you would be late. You were 21! I insisted to pick you and you told me your friends will drop you. I’ll always look out for you, I vowed.

I feared looking at you. You were holding his hands & looked more than happy. You were 25! I watched you both,interrogated him & you told me you saw my reflection in him. I’ll always be there for you, I vowed.I fear looking at you now. You are wearing a red dress with a bright face. You are 27! I walked with you, weak & old, to the door of your new life & you clutched my hand in a way that you were wanted to leave. But there stood another man, strong and bold calling out for you. He took your hand from me and said “I’ll always love you till death do us apart”, and he vowed.

By – Akshita Dikshit

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Things you want to tell your best friend when you both are leaving for college


Of course, we knew this day would come. I tried hard to avoid the thought of this day. I knew we’re not going to stay together because our paths are destined to be in different cities. I used to ask myself ” I have no idea what will I do without this little piece of shit and how am I going to live with the fact she is not going to be around for a really long time!”. But it’s ironic, to the journey we’ll uphold together it’s my faith that says the bond we share is so unbreakable and unfathomable to even give it a thought that after years the definition of “us” could ever change. But here’s a little reminder for you.

1. I could never ever replace you.
You have always been and always will be my best friend. I haven’t found anyone remotely close to you. You are a gem, and nobody can ever live up to your sense of humor. Nobody can ever understand me and my crazy ways like you do.

2. I talk about you all the time.
It’s hard to have a conversation about high school, my favorite things or sports without bringing up you and our friendship. Somehow, your name comes up, and I end up telling them about our 2 a.m stupid conversations full of laughter and cries.

3. It’s OK for you to make new friends.
Will I be jealous? Of course. There’s no way around it, though. It’s college, and you’re bound to make other friends who enjoy the same activities and hobbies you do. You might even find someone you consider a best friend. And that is great. I would never want you to feel alone, and I certainly want you to have someone around to do the things with you that we used to do. Just know, I will always be here to do those things when we come home. And wait, you have to love me more than those best friends of yours. Period. Because our bond is much much greater than this distance. Also, constant calls will be a thing always.

4. I’m not going anywhere.
Whether we’re home on break or just home for a weekend, I’ll be ready to take on the world with you again. We can do something crazy or just sit and talk. As long as we’re together again, I’ll be happy. You know it too well that I can’t keep away from telling you secrets. I’ll try and keep trying for “us” and what we are for a time uncountable.

5. I miss you.
Sometimes, it’s hard to get up and go to class knowing you won’t be sitting in the seat next to me. I hate not being able to eat lunch with you and catch up on your day. Soon enough, we will be reunited for good, and I can’t wait until then. It’s hard, I miss you already, just a little?

I hope, I hope you really know that what we have is until we’re old and senile.

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Dear JK Rowling,

I guess even a thankyou letter would be incomparable to the contribution you have in my childhood, for making me see a world so ethereal, magical and blissful. I fail to enumerate how much I love you and how emotionally connected I am to every single character of this story. You made me believe that there’s magic in all of us.

It’s a heavy dose of down-to-earth realism – the kind of everyday stuff recognized by almost every kid in the world because the way you’ve blended in the essence of magic fantasy with such skill that Harry’s world literally shimmers with it.

I wonder how can a person create a make believe world and make us a part of it too. A world so astounding and charming to the eye.

It’s been one hell of a ride from the sorcerer’s stone to the deathly hallows. I know I won’t be able to do justice to the book and its remarkable characters in this single letter. But I want to tell you as you’re the creator of all of them that you gave me a glimpse of how beautiful journey life is. How does love, empathy, sacrifice, honesty, bravery and purity conquers over hate, cowardice, malice and tyranny in the real sense of the term.

Sometimes, I wish we could have something like quidditch and we could chill with butterbear in our hands or
Wingardium Leviosa could be all we had to say to lift things up.

I should tell you that we potter heads curse someone like ‘you foul loathsome evil little cockroach’ who says I haven’t really read it or seen it. Like how haven’t you? RIDDIKULUS, isn’t it? It’s that close to our hearts. Even after twenty years of this legendary master piece, it will stay. Always.
It started with “The boy who lived” and is still living in our hearts.

My 8 year old self still waits for a letter to hogwarts, but then I satisfy myself with the fact that Voldemort took over the ministry in the 90s, right?

‌ Obliviate?
No, never can we ever wipe off this roll coaster ride of the magical world, Hogwarts created by you. Because a HP marathon on a bad day is all I need and what still calms me down, it’s my escape from the problems for sometime.

“Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts. Teach us something please. Whether we be old and bald. Or young with scabby knees…”

I will always, always wait for my train to Hogwarts at platform 9 3/4 because Hogwarts is Home.

1,090,739 words. 4,224 pages. 199 chapters. 17 hours and 14 minutes. 8 movies. 7 books. 1 story. That’s HARRY POTTER to us.

So, here’s a THANKYOU too small for everything you’ve given Miss Rowling.

I know it’s not the end.


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time turner 2

I was gifted this Time Turner from my favourite HP film. I know it’s nothing like Hermione Granger’s but it had me wondering what if we could actually turn back time?

“I mark the hours, every one, Nor have I yet outrun the Sun. My use and value, unto you, Are gauged by what you have to do”, it reads.

If only I could turn back time?

If only I could turn back time and tell myself what I know now?

If only I knew when to turn the book or I’ve got to close that book?


But wait, “Three turns would do it RIGHT”, it says.
Ahh, would it?

What if you could change just one thing but made it worse when you turn back time?

Would you actually use the Turner like it had to be?

Would it change you or the situations you’re in?

Would it break your heart or anyone’s ?

What if it changed only a thing and nothing else mattered?

What if you could have had the chance of that road less traveled?

Just one moment. One moment that you always, always wanted back?

Maybe you’ll never know and it will never show.

It’s funny right? If only the time Turner was something real and I could turn back time?

Those three turns would do it right?

But unfortunately, Time belongs to none, it could be your best friend or your worst enemy.
Waste it wisely.

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