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Man at the sunrise

I remember the day when I met you and realized that how keenly I started noticing that weird change around me. It’s like I never paid attention to such LITTLE THINGS that somehow always existed but I always in rush with my life that it got overlooked. Looking out for bigger picture was always my thing but it was you who made me realise how most little things that I usually ignore, can be a great source of our happiness.

You know, happiness is overrated. We tend to seek it from the bigger things instead it’s the little things that make us feel the happiness.

Initially, it was so weird for me how little things like seeing a squirrel enjoy its meal or even getting a gift from Kinder Joy could make you feel so elated and happy about it.
I used to remember how the bigger materialistic things or toys gave me joy but you, you waived your imaginary world apart from these ideologies. For you, the happiness came from the tiniest creatures, smallest toys, weirdly moulded things and the list goes on.

“You taught me that SIZE is not proportional to joy.”

The little things and moments that made you happy was what kept on inspiring me. Meanwhile, I sensed something crazy happening with me. I began to seek happiness from those little things you used to feel happy about.

And this time, I would sheepishly smile when you excitedly told me about the little gift or how you loved to see a squirrel eat.

And this time I knew, I had started to fall for her. These little things turned out to be pathway towards her beautiful heart. For her smile and her way of reaching out for little things. Unbelievably, it was me who started doing those little things for her just to see her happy.

But timing’s a bitch.

You changed and those little things don’t matter to you anymore. I still gulp the harshness of change.

I just wanted you to know that here I am still stuck in this world which you’ve left and I can’t find a way out. Even your footprints have vanished to lead me a way out of this.


I feel helpless but you know what?
In a way, I am so thankful to you for showing me that how amazingly these LITTLE THINGS can have a hold in your heart.

I guess am stupid. I still do these LITTLE THINGS for you and I hope will they ever mean to you as they used to. It has simply stopped functioning or maybe ran out of battery.

I guess, I BECAME YOU and YOU BECAME ME in the end.


Because you know what did I learn?
There are a lot of little reasons why big things in our lives happen.

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लोग क्या सोचेंगे ?


लोग क्या सोचेंगे???

बहुत सुना है सबसे अपनों से परायों से!! लोग क्या सोचेंगे…??

इसकी शुरुआत का कोई अंदाज़ा नहीं

हाँ पर चाहें तो अंत ज़रूर हो सकता है क्या कभी सोचा है!!

कितने अरमां दब गए? कितनी उम्मीदें ख़त्म हो गईं?

कितने रंग बेरंग हो गए? बस इसलिए!! कि लोग क्या सोचेंगे?

पापा! वो लाल कपड़ा कितना सुंदर है! दिला दो! मैंने देखा है टीवी पे पहने हुए। क्या? वो घुटने तक का?

और बिना बाहों का?

अंग प्रदर्शन नहीं करवाना है हमको सलवार क़मीज़ पहनो, लोग क्या सोचेंगे देखो,

फिर भी वो झेलती रही रोज़ रास्ते में उन बेपरवाह, बेग़ैरत, नामर्दों की बदसलूकी…

क्यूँकि माँ ने कहा था अच्छे घर की बेटियाँ ऐसे जवाब नहीं देतीं वरना!

लोग क्या सोचेंगे वो कभी कह ही नहीं पाई कि उसे और पढ़ना है आगे बढ़ना है,

आसमान छूना है कैसे कहती? इतने ऊपर उठने की बात जो थी लो!

अब लोग क्या सोचेंगे उसे भी प्यार हुआ,

दिल उसका भी बेक़रार हुआ कैसे बताती सबको, एक डर था!

हाय, लोग क्या सोचेंगे हिम्मत करके, बहुत डर के बोली,

पसंद है उसे कोई पर ऐसे हमारे यहाँ शादियाँ नहीं होती, समझी?

लोग क्या सोचेंगे? चलो, बसा लिया उसने घर जहाँ तुमने कहा था अब?

जो हाथ उसपे उठता है रोज़ उससे कैसे बचाओगे?

क्या रोज़ रोज़ दहेज की माँग पूरी कर पाओगे?

नहीं! बेटा घर की बातें घर तक ही रखनी चाहिए वरना, लोग क्या सोचेंगे?

पहली बार ख़ुश हुई, माँ जो बनने वाली थी एक नयी ज़िंदगी को जन्म देने वाली थी पर देखो,

लड़का हो जाता तो ठीक था वरना, लोग क्या सोचेंगे? कब तक? आख़िर, कब तक??

जिन लोगों का सोच कर रुक जाते हैं आपके क़दम वो तो

फिर भी सोचेंगे आप अपनी सोच बदल कि देखिए इस बार लोग कब तक सोचेंगे?

उसे भी ख़ुश रहने का हक़ दो लोगों को जो सोचना है सोचने दो बंद कर दो

उनकी परवाह करना ख़ुशियाँ आपके अपने की हैं अगर अपने ही होंगे तो नहीं सोचेंगे उड़ जाने दो उसे

, छूने दो आसमान बदल दो अपनी सोच! फिर देखना, लोग क्या सोचेंगे ये लोग हैं,

इनके लिए जान भी दे दो फिर भी ये अपना ही सोचेंगे

मतलब कि इस युग में कोई पूछने नहीं आता ज़माना ऐसा ही है ज़नाब सबका

भला करके भी लोग कोसेंगे इससे अच्छा है कि खुल के जियो सोचने दो, जो लोग सोचेंगे!!


– अग्रिमा अवस्थी

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Word Wizardry



Another cloudy night rolled in covering the last of the twilighted sky,as if blackness failed to come fast enough.I could feel the soothing smell of petrichor on the field of London. Being a pluviophile,it was just a heartthrob.

The rolling grey rapidly became invisible as the stars concealed it,but the air still felt humid.

After a whole feverish schedule, i just stood there in my balcony to observe the weather modifications which was quite common here,unlike India…..
A sudden thought of your native nation and then millions of memories just spurt out of your mind…..
I took out my phone and started scrolling out several facebook posts…. My eyes came through something and I stood there motionless, numb and dumbfounded and fell back to the ground landing on my back. It was as if the impact had knocked out every whisp of air from my lungs and I lay there struggling as if i was paralysed. I was struggling to keep my outflowing emotions under grip……. It has been a year- one full of rushing in and out- but this brought a majestic hustle- bustle in my mind.

(About 16 months ago)

“Ashima…I have been offered a job in London with a handsome salary package!!” I stammered, looking in her deep,black eyes.
She took few seconds to respond, “Waooohhh Rehan!! I am so happy….That’s great….” she said with a glowing face and struggling to balance her emotions, “Is it the same job for which you were working madly day and night…??” She asked with her eyes- widening….
“…Yes…” I said in a mixed expression…..

So are you all set for your. BIG BRIGHT FUTURE….MR.CEO!!”she mad a euphoric covering in her soul-stirring voice. I couldn’t get what she intend to say,but all my second thoughts were cleared as she warmly hugged me under the evening sky,in the park and said,” I don’t have words to explain,how happy i am.You may find it strange but i prayed every single day for the success of this project !! I love you…!!”, she exclaimed….

I reciprocated with the tightest hug to her and there it lead to my career voyage…..

The four months of internship,I found several distractions which pushed me in a state of dilemma and One day,finally, I took a decision and made a phone call….

“Finally, there is a call from you Mr.Busy Bee!! I had waited for this call for about 15 days. You were damn busy it seems.I guess it is the 5th call you made since you left this place Mr.Billionaire!! No worries Busy- bee!!….Hey Rehan…are you there?”,
Aashima said.
I could hear the noise of some kids from the other side of the phone.

” Hey Aashima” I spoke stumbling then gaining victory over my nervousness. I hardened my heart and said,” I can’t continue with this relationship Aashima….it’s over!!”

After i blurted out these words. There was a deep silence on the other side of the phone. But, I could hear the noise of those nasty kids and could feel the splintering of a heart too. The phone got disconnected.

(Present day)

A sudden noise broke the cascade of my dreams. I could unconsciously hear a voice in an English accent, “Honey! It’s Stella here….Let’s go out for a dinner….it had been a week we went for a date….Honey! ‘Ray(Rehan)’…..where are you dear……?”

My rewind memories took a pause as I came back to my consciousness and read again that post from where the journey of my thoughts started. It read,” RIP AASHIMA! We will miss you….!! May your soul rest in peace.”

That’s how I feel now,trying to remember how to breathe,unable to speak,totally stunned as the name bounced inside my skull….


– Srishti Lohani

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Interviews - The Budding Artists


  • First of all, who is RAHUL according to you? How should people reading this know about him?

Hey, This is Rahul Singh Rathour pursuing Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University, Lucknow.

I am a budding writer learning every next second to come up with something new through my pen that may help you i.e. the reader to feel that YOUR thoughts have been expressed through my pen. In short, let you connect with my words.

  • What made you so keen interested in writing?

Like every teenage guy I have also been through everything. Yes, may be something different from your story but there was a story. I chose the road most traveled but failed. Failure bestowed me with this gift that I started writing. Today, when I look back to my works from the year I started blogging i.e. 2014, I smile. Yes, the smile which says – Seriously, I wrote it. But, I am glad how I developed and evolved learning. Gradually, people started connecting with my words and that is how I found love in writing.



  • What sets you apart as a writer? Who are your inspiration in this field?

Nowadays, blogging is like a compulsory activity for every teenager. You have been through a heartbreak so let’s start a blog. This is what I have observed. But, the real writing is somewhere being lost in the midst. I also follow the trend from short stories to poems, I also write quotes. But, why to restrict yourself to a genre. I write about everything I see. Everything and anything can give you a story. I just feel it and pen it down. I have few readers on my blog or social network and they are who inspire me to write something they can fall in love with.


  • Tell us about THINKING OUT CLOUD. Is there any story behind it?

The reason behind the name I gave to my blog is really kiddish because when I named it, I was one. ‘THINKING OUT CLOUD’ is the blend of the well-known strategy of being different which says ‘Think Out of the Box’ and when the medium of thinking was cloud network. I amalgamated the two and came up with the name – ‘Thinking Out Cloud’. But, now I don’t know why I feel good about this name because it plays an important part in my life. It helps me smile.

  • What is that thing that goes in your mind when you work on your new content? Do you choose them before hand or whatever goes in mind you pen it down?

Telling you how I define the way I write is something difficult. I write anything and everything. There’s no boundaries around me that define my way of writing. Even when I am traveling to some place and the child smiling at me from a corner can give me a story. So, I just live with the moment and express it through my words.

  • Tell us that one thing that people get amaze to know about you because you don’t actually give hints about that?

Something that will amaze you knowing about me is nothing new or special that I have a special ‘Shaklaka Boom Pencil’ that creates the content. But, yeah I don’t express much with the people around me because I preserve those thoughts which help me create a new article for tomorrow. Yeah, everything and anything helps. That’s my strategy.

  • What are your future goals?

Thinking about the ‘Tomorrow’ for me. I am working ahead to help ‘Thinking Out Cloud’ reach a platform which can help readers to find the real content that may help them to cherish their love for writing. Further, I would be using the social media platform to create something new that would surely stand apart with its existence. And, yeah the work is in progress.

  • What does Rahul loves to do when he is not writing or what does he likes to do in his leisure time?

It’s not easy to write without writing. So, I am bibliophile. Reading gives me peace because you can find numerous answers in the books which you would have been looking for since long. So, that’s the reason I look for a book every time I have some leisure time. But, my hobby still counts the same from the teenage list like traveling, photography and the same goes on.


PHOTOGRAPHY @ Thinking Out Cloud


  • What will you tell young writers and readers of this article? Any words of inspiration that could drive them and fill them with positivity.

I will just suggest the readers of this post that stop writing if you’re writing to show someone. A message to all those broken heart souls around. Start writing for yourself. Don’t construct a boundary of genre around you. Learn and evolve. Everyone is born with a brilliant talent, keep the search on. You will surely find yours.

Thanking you so much DDKABLOG for being a platform which can help us ‘The budding artists’ grow ahead giving a boom to our passion.


Facebook (Profile) –


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The Mirror


The Mirror

I stopped today, found myself gazing at my own self in the mirror and felt so disappointed. Skinny yet grown pale, time has changed so many things. Time has made me realized of what I always missed. I never made this guy that I can see in the mirror, happy. Out of all the worldly distractions surrounding me, this guy vanished from my sight I guess. I see a little kid behind that image, from my childhood. This kid looks at me strangely, with such disappointment in his eyes as if he never wanted me to be the way I am today. Maybe?

Suddenly my mind took me to places where I have been so reckless to my body showing no mercy or love to my old self. Did this body ever ask for it? Did it need any care or love like I had given to other things that don’t exist anymore in my life. I see my glimpse and my dad in front of same mirror 4 years back. Remembering how pumped up I was in front of the same mirror changing clothes, hanging onto dad’s back promising him to grow into a better individual. I failed him and many other people past few years along with the promises that were made.

And right now, as I look in the mirror all I see is a man who was lost somewhere, from imagining myself into a better grown individual to what I see now I feel shattered and full of guilt. What does it really take to bring that other guy whom I see in this mirror into this real world? Will I be satisfied then?
If I am not the guy who I was supposed to be after 4 years then maybe I have disappointed myself, I feel raged, frustrated and full of anger of what I have been doing to myself. When I get rattled, generally it’s by folks who:
• Blame others (and won’t change themselves)
• Judge & criticize (and won’t change themselves)
• Use anger & superiority to cover fear (and won’t change themselves)

When I close my eyes and analyze the things going on, these are the points that I come across often. Finding an alternative to set things right this mirror helps me analyze what’s wrong with everything. It makes me look back to the time I was defeated by my own self. I couldn’t find my direction. I was lost. Everyday I kept looking in the mirror and through it I delved in my past until one fine day I decided to let go. I couldn’t take this disappointment of what I wanted things to be and what they actually were now. It’s pointless If I let these years of my life go in vain.

I decided to turn this mirror into a window. A final escape from my old self. For one last time, I looked in the mirror. What I could finally see was the ten year old, tenacious ambitious and loving boy who wanted things his way, the best way. I could see him through it and then I made an escape. I turned that very same mirror into window. An escapade from what circumstances had made me to someone who I actually wanted to be. I promised myself.

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Sahitya Adda ‘Samvaad’ – LUCKNOW

The text is centuries old and the tale is timeless… The literature is inexhaustible and the discourse rich… The poetry is sung by wandering minstrels and actors and the teachings are age-interpreted and contextual. Come and be a part of a unique Sahitya Adda experience on the 2nd of July A panel discussion on ‘The Contemporary Relevance of the various aspects of the Ram Charit Manas with special emphasis on the ‘Manas’ as Performative Poetry’ followed by a musical performance by Afroj Taj and John Caldwell, professors, University of North Carolina, USA. Entry by invite, and names on the guest list. Kindly click on ‘going’ to enlist your name in the guest list.(ENTRY FREE, NO DONOR PASSES)

5:30- 6:00 PM Registration and seating
6:00-8:00 PM Event Flow

Facebook Event Link :

A Talk on ‘The Contemporary Relevance of the various aspects of the Ram Charit Manas with special emphasis on the Manas as Performative Poetry’
Date: 2nd July 2017
Venue: Time: 5:30 PM to 8:10 PM


• Prof Afroz Taj Professor of South Asian culture, literature, and media in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (USA) where he is the Director of the South Asia Section. Dr. Taj’s research interests include Urdu poetry and poetics, South Asian theater, cinema, and media. He is the author several books including The Court of Indar and the Rebirth of North Indian Drama (2006) and Urdu Through Hindi (1997
• Mr John Caldwell Lecturer, Hindi-Urdu, Dept. of Asian Studies Graduate Student in Musicology, Music Department. Currently Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellow in India, affiliated with Jamia Milia Islamia in Delhi. He is working on his dissertation entitled “Us Paar Ke Naghme: musiccrossing the Indo-Pak border.” John’s other research interests include South Asian film and media culture, comparative musicology.
• Mr Yatindra Mishra Indian poet, editor, music and cinema scholar, who comes from the lineage of the Ayodhya Royal Family. Recipient 64th National Film Award (Swarna Kamal), Ministry of I & B, Government of India, 2016. And Maharana Mewar Award, Maharana Mewar Foundation, 2017, Udaipur Shamsher Samman, 2016, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh Advisor (Selected) B.B.C. World Hindi Services, New Delhi, from March, 2015. Advisor (Selected) Taj Colloquium (an initiative to spread the literary and cultural ethos of Indian society through various activities), New Delhi, from March, 2016

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A Trip to LANSDOWNE and Places nearby


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Do you guys want to visit something different this time in the hilly areas, a place less explored, less crowded and more serene! Then this article is just made for you. We’re here with some amazing places in Uttarakhand that will give you all the feels of you are an adventurous and nature loving person.

More interesting?

You could even go trekking in these locations in lansdowne and puari garhwal.

Our admin @ananyaasinghhh Ananya Singh had an amazing time there and wanted to share the same of the less known yet such an amazing getaway.

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Destination 1 – Tadkeshwar Mandir

Tadkeshwar Mahadev Temple is located about 40 kms. from Lansdowne, the regimental headquarters of Garhwal Rifles, in District Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. People worship tadasar nag as Lord shiva.

Some crazy facts –

Bells are offered at the Tarakeshwar Mahadev Temple. These bells are stored in the temple premises and when their number becomes sizeable they are hung  outside on the pathways to the temple. 


Tarakeshwar is believed to come in dreams and tell people what they should do.

He is believed to come in dreams and tell people what they should do.

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Destination 2 – lansdowne Resorts.

Want to getaway with your family or just your friends? This is the perfect place for you all. Chill and just chill in the resort, enjoy the peaceful from the hustle bustle. What adds more to it? Beauty and the sudden rains. 

Some crazy facts :

It is in the middle of the jungle but with all the facilities needed.

Swimming pool, food and quality time with your closed ones. 


A day or two from your stressed life is a boon here.

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Destination 3 – Bhulla Lake, lansdowne

Beautiful sight to visit in Lansdowne, present at the heart of this small town.

Some crazy facts –

It’s looked after and maintained by the garhwal regiment.

Scenic beauty for some really cool pictures and photography places like the bridge.

Boating for people and enjoy the sightseeing around it.

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Destination 4 – Sanglakoti, Pauri Garhwal.

Sangla Koti village is located in Satpuli Tehsil of Garhwal district in Uttarakhand, India. It is situated 33km away from sub-district headquarter Satpuli and 85km away from district headquarter Pauri Garhwal. As per 2009 stats, Sangalakothe is the gram panchayat of Sangla Koti village.

Crazy facts –

With such a small population, it is extremely well equipped with all facilities.

The people here have their morning at 5 and the day gets over at 8 by night.

It has some cool destinations nearby with a lake running in this district for people to click pictures and bath and even the oldest temple of the Pahadi people named as Kalinga devi mandir.

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Destination 5 – tip in top, lansdowne

1.5 km away from the city Lansdowne this place is the highest point of the city and you get to see the magnificent Shivalik Range.

Some crazy facts –

Amazing photography point.

Visit it alone or with the close ones it gives you utter peacefulness and serenity.

Walk walk and walk a little here, enjoy the weather cold breeze at this highest point.

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Hello everyone
This is Vanita Agrawal
The Intern ‘Campus Ambassador’ with Paytm Team
Paytm has made it easy for the college students of Amity University Lucknow Campus to pay their Academic fees either through amizone, or on paytm app. So now, go #cashless, pay Amity University fees on at *0% convenience charge* using Debit Card/Credit Card/NetBanking/Paytm Wallet. The first 5000 transactions with *AMITY* code will get Flat Rs 100 cashback.
Also, you can select paytm as the payment gateway while paying through amizone and avail the OFFER on movies, flights, bus ticket bookings and many more.

To those who worry about the safety of the transaction, the below article is attached with a screenshot of my own fee payment through paytm app. It is an easy mode along with the availability of offers and cashback.
For any queries regarding the fee payment contact me-
#paytmkro #gocashless #feepayment #amityuniversity #vanitaagrawal

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THE FIFTH UP MANGO FESTIVAL 2017 is  being presented by UP HOTEL AND REST ASSOCIATION AND UP TOURISIM  The fest is being for an humanitarian cause where we are providing those unprivileged farmers a platform to directly sell their mangoes at a fair price which they don’t get by dealing through middlemen and are exploited economically and therefore we want you to join hands with us helping to make this event a  successful one.

 FOUNDER – Mrs.  Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah

  CONVENER- Madhvendra Deo Singh



THE MAGNIFICENT ORCHARD VISIT – We first have an visit to an orchard which is an unmissable experience.

Also, we have a great opportunity for those who are still planning to stay in lucknow for their summer holidays. The basic aim of this visit is to make people aware of their natural habitat which they wouldn’t have experienced in their urban life.


-It will help in promoting Eco tourism and agri business in lucknow

-Madhav udhyan family have 150 years of legacy in growing mangoes. It’s like the heirloom you’d wish you ever had.



17th June ’17 (Saturday): For Students (Includes Breakfast) 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM

18th June ’17 (Sunday):For General Visitors (Includes Brunch)

7:00 AM to 1:00 PM


VENUE : Madhav Udyan, Block Mall, Tehsil, Malihabad, District Lucknow (Located near 4 Km Mile- Stone IIM-Mall Road)




-Mango Eating Competition,

-Ancient Temple Visit

-Tractor Rides,

-Tug of War

-Treasure Hunt

-Paid ATV Rides

-Rain Dance

-Farm Tour with Brief -Up & Many other activities.


Visitors need to pay:

Rs 450/- (Student Visitors) for the 17th June ’17

Rs. 600/- (General Visitors) for the 18th June ’17

Furthermore we offer discounted rates (450) for student visitors to promote them acitively so as to inculcate in them the curiosity to know about the fresh farm fruits.


Do let your friends know where you heading to this summer:



Last year we had an audience of 40,000 people with farmers who sold 300 metric tons of mangoes. Thus it helps in making the farmers reach the city families and enlighten them.

There are more activities on 24th and 25th

  • A cooking competition judged by Master Chef Pankaj badhouria
  • Talent hunt
  • Story telling for kids.
  • Aam par shayari.
  • Quiz



A bloggers corner where you can interact with your fans , logos, a 5kg mango carton and we will put up the standees that you get made and wish to display at our festival. Other than these there will be very influential people present in the festival and also the arrival of the CM and Deputy CM is expected. We provide you the liberty to use our resources to your advantage.

We will be extremely gratified if you collaborate with us. Your response is awaited.







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Engineering does not end in an IIT. Being from engineering side, I’d use it as a reference, but I feel this applies to all fields. You’re not a failure Because you fail only when you’ve got no chances left, but you never know when you’d get a chance, do you? You need to realise that if you did not get what you aspired for , it does not mean that you did not work hard for that. If you could not crack an exam, it does not mean you didn’t study. Sometimes, it is just not your day, but not always, mind you.

If you can retain the drive, the courage to keep working hard, eventually you’d have it big. Not all successful people were from top colleges. I have a few stories among my close known ones who made it big being from mediocre colleges. Not a staunch believer in fate and destiny, but sometimes it does boil down to it. Stop being so critical about yourself, look forward to what’s next , not to what’s gone. Look for your next chance, not the one you couldn’t take. The society will criticise, they will tell you that this is not for you, you should’ve pursued something easier, but they do not need to be paid attention to, let alone answered. The only support you’re gonna need is your family. None of the “padosi” aunties will be half happy on your success of what your mother will be.

However , this does not mean that fate is the only thing that decides things, work too, has a big role. If you did not get the best college, that does not mean you’re not good, as it is not the end of opportunities, they will come, and keep coming if you keep working. Close to 5000 seats in IITs for general category students, 5000 seats for millions to grab. If you get a rank of 6000, you might not be able to get into the particular college, but did you do bad? 6000 out of the lakhs that appeared? You did TOO good, it’s just that someone else did better. But that doesn’t make for you to get upset and consider yourself as a failure, and stop working as a result. That means the competition got the better of you. No you’re not a failure if you worked with intent, no it is not the time to feel dejected yet. There’s a proverb which reads , “Fortune favours the brave” , but not one that reads , “fortune favours ALL brave”.

If you get unlucky, it doesn’t imply that you weren’t brave enough. As I said , ENGINEERING DOESN’T END AT THE IITs , LAW DOESN’T END AT THE NLUs, MBA DOESN’T END AT THE IIMs , and so on..

The path may get unconventional, but you will make it big if you do not give up. Try something out of the box, maybe? All you need is perseverance and patience. Good comes to those who work for it. Of not immediately but slowly. Definitely, it does.
Keep striving. Never stop.

Let’s go a little straight forward and in our style –
“Seedhi si baat hai, pehli baar mein toh Dhoni ke shots bhi miss ho jaate hain, magar bat hi ghumana chhor dega to 6 jaane ka chance 0%”.
True enough?

So, keep going. Rise and shine. More power to you everyone out there.



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