Srishti Lohani

Short Stories



Her long twirls of hair, tumbled over her shoulder. Her dark yet thin eyebrows had a rising arch. Her beautiful wide forehead always had her flicks falling over. Her hazel eyes that usually sparkled with bliss, turned out sometimes, red underneath, out of fury. Her chalky pink lips, curled upwardly. She had small cluster of broken veins over her high cheek bones, which added a blush… Her clear and fair complexion was as fresh as a raindrop. Her small squinting eyes, her beaked nose, flattened slightly when she smiled. Curls fell on her dimpled cheeks and hung around her slightly jutting ears. Her face with silent features and lack of cosmetics, used to glisten with sweat. Everyday, she seemed to be fresh as new untouched green leaf personified.
This was ritu… the crush of my teenage. She was not materialistic and qualified yet dignified and inebriating.
It had been six years, today I shall meet her.
” Ritu.. Open the door..see it’s me Vivaan!!”
Then a girl completely wrapped up in a shawl came and asked,”Who is it there..?”, in a steady, lifeless voice.
” Ritu? Hey it’s me, you don’t recognise me or what? And , why have you covered yourself? “, I said and simply gave a jerk to her stole, which concealed her face..
What I saw was breathtaking!!!! There was no trace of ‘Ritu’ in that face!! There was a totally devastated face…
Her face had a layer of unevenly thick, flesh which had shades of brown clustered veins which covered her forehead skin, and had no traces of eyebrows at all. Her nose was packed under by a tightly stretched skin which had up and down horizontal impressions. Her eyelashes had vanished, nearly making her one-eyed. Her nose, was covered by tightly stretched light textured skin and it had clusters of flesh which were protruding out from several portions of her face. Her lips, had lost the curl and the elasticity. Her neck, had a texture of tightly carved stagnant unclear ripples of burnt flesh, somewhere rising and somewhere dissolving.
She suffered an acid attack, on 24-May-2014!!! Her father passed away meanwhile… and she lost her mother in her early childhood. Now she has devoted herself by working as a cook in a nearby restaurant, so as to collect capital for herself for her surgeries….for her treatment!
I stood there horrified and scandalised, unable to accept the reality and her burnt lips smiled, depicting the revolting flame , of surviving in this ruthless world, inside her.

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Short Stories

It was SHE,an angel!


A little girl of about four years of age,entered the hospital along with her grandparents. They were looking tensed. That lovable, sweet girl was holding a doll in little hands, as soon as she saw her father, she ran towards him and concealed herself in the strong arms.
“Don’t worry Karan( father of little girl), Nima will be completely fine, don’t worry my son!”, said Karan’ s father. There was no loud sound in the hospital, yet everyone was moving and not talking. Karan walked back and forth, by the door of the I.C.U. He was constantly answering the calls from his cell- phone. Scratching his head, he was repeating the same bunch of words again and again. This recapitulation, was acting as a catalyst to his nervousness.
In the private ward ,near the operation Theatre, the atmosphere was completely different. The air had a perfumed scent. Every surface was dustless. The nurses were unhurried and they moved with a serene purposefulness from room to room… Their peacefulness, may be because it wasn’t there agony.
Anxiously, Karan was trying to communicate with the nurses coming out of the O.T and was asking about the condition of his wife, but the nurse, ignoring his question, handed him a list of medicines.
After a while, Karan, came back with a poly- bag of medicines, and requestioned, ” Sister…! Please tell me, how is Nima now?”

“Sir! Let the Doctor come, he will explain you everything…! Till then you wait in the waiting room.”, and she banged off the door.
The murky atmosphere was making his parents nervous too…as they were looking at the little chubby girl, who was lost in her own world of dolls.
Karan’s parents proceeded to the waiting room,holding the hand of their little girl. Her doll dropped…. A woman with long hair, picked up the doll and extended her hand to give the doll with a smile….. The little baby smiled too…but she was grabbed by her grandmother. “Don’t touch her…!!”, she said and took the little girl to opposite of the seating set-up. That woman was wearing a saree…but she had a trace of masculinity… Yes…she was an EUNUCH!
The waiting room had a replication of the seating arrangement on the other side, and were whispering abhorrently about the eunuch, which was sitting in the front row all alone.. Karan was busy talking over the phone and without noticing his surroundings, he sat in the row where the eunuch was sitting…
His mother gave him a repugnant gesture, and Karan got up from the seat as soon as he could, when he saw the person sitting right next to him. She was being realized that she was as alien amongst them, lacerated deeply, she absorbed everything.
” Doctor! Doctor! How is Nima now…”, asked Karan distraughtly.
” You? Are you Mr. Karan?”
” Yes! Doctor “, said Karan.

” No need to worry! She is out of danger now… But the conditions wouldn’t have been under control, if there was a little more delay. Thanks, to Laxmi(eunuch)!! Nima, was bleeding profusely, Laxmi brought her on the right time.
Karan and his family were shamefaced and guilt-ridden. Laxmi,stepped forward, held Karan’s fist and gave him a pendant of his wife….
“Stay Blessed…”, she said, and proceeded to the exit door of the hospital.

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Doom In The Platter!


The delectable aroma of the delicacies, beckoned me. Unable to resist the delightful sensations that whipped up inside my memory at the mere thought of delving one’s teeth deep and fast into the appetizing stuff, i was filled with zeal.

It was a wedding occasion but the star of the show was, the highly captivating, aromatic,scrumptious food…which was waiting for the whole assemblage. Countless cheeses,breads,vegetables,curries adorned my platter. I refilled it to satiate my taste buds again.

“Cheese Poppers aren’t that crisp!……”The mocktails too are sugary… Ya, and the Garlic Breads too contain a dash of scorched flavour…”. These ‘Master-Chef’ comments were audible to me by a group of extra-sophisticated ladies, who were constantly analysing the food. Very evidently, their salvers were loaded with the succelent stuff, but on every- bite they were blurting out a scrutinizing remark.

After finishing half of my meal, even I was convinced of the fact, that the dishes weren’t satisfying and dispassionately, I landed my trencher into the dustbin….and started strolling around the lawn.

Few minutes later,a dustbin, which was filled with used plates,supported by two workers came into my view. They upturned it. Freezy light breezes, brushed my cheeks…. and I relishing the bliss,closed my eyes….. My eyelashes flapped and what I saw was piteous and mind-blogging…….

There was a feeble,debilitated old man with rugged and worn-out attire.His matted hair resembled Medusa’s Head of Serpents. His soiled clothes did not expose his body much. He was lying on his knees to the ground and was dislodging dust from the left-over breads of people, with his trembling hands.I could see that the mere sight of food liquidated the dryness of hunger in his eyes. There was a joyous expression on his wrinkly,bony face and a smile over his chapped lips…. Very wobbly, he started guzzling….

This poignant scenario, gave me a stinging sensation. I felt as if someone transpierced me , from the a spear of guilt. That man actually, wiped off all the leavings, through his tongue directly from the ground,analogical to a dog. Was he mad…? No…! He was hungry…that was the answer.

He had an expression of contentment and relaxation, on the contrary, I felt cursed to witness such a lamentable and excruciating scene. He, unaware of the world,was striding away and the ear- splitting words of those materialistic women,stabbed my ears… And that Beggar, sauntered away,till his shadow dissolved somewhere in the darkness…….

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