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from birth to her rebirth

Blessed by a daughter, mother took her into her lap,father kissed her forehead.

“God bless her.  She is cute, but she is dark…” a voice muttered, and her story began…
‘Story of birth to rebirth’

Its the story of just couple of hours old infant, who didn’t even opened her eyes completely to see the world,  Yet the world criticized her.

Its the story of a school going young girl who was discriminated by her class fellows because of her colur.

Its story of a lover whose prince charming resided in her dreams only. Afterall, princes take only fair maidens with them.

Its a story, about the rising actor, who was brought down by her teacher from school play featuring her as princess, because princesses are never meant to be dark and dusky.

Yet, one must not forget, every Dusk is followed by Dawn.


A CHILD in her,
A FRIEND in her,
A LOVER in her,
An ACTOR in her died,
but a revolutionary WRITER was born.

 –  Nikita Jaiswal 

Ananya Singh

The author Ananya Singh

Humble with just a hint of Kanye. A girl who is like a collection of Paradoxes.


  1. #Nikita…… I don’t have words to write comment here…………but in simple it touched core of my Heart…Thanks

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