Short Stories

The boy who dared to dream!

All those wasted hopes are now all that’s left to hold on to!


“Dreams are for losers” stated the boy’s father in his very unique uncharacteristic manner. “What a lackluster he is” he murmured underneath his breath. SOCIETY has no place for losers! something that has been deemed into him since his gullible days. Extravaganzas like books or dreams were never meant for a prejudice soul like his. The only bit of passion he ever tasted are still clenched to those bookstore’s windows he spent countless hours looking at. one thing he is quiet definite about is that they hold some kind of majestic beauty that attracts all these contrasting personalities together. One thing his father was never short of was money, still why couldn’t he afford all these you ask?, well the answer is rather simple than you think, its because of his incorrigible attitude of course.

He tried to argue once “What’s the difference between a man a machine then dad?” crying out perilously. Enraged by his sons outcry he said “Is this how you speak to your father you inconsiderate fool!” “Is this why I spent hundreds and thousands of hard earned cash on you!”. Then he added more of his scuffing underwhelming words “Young man! dreams don’t get you warm food on the table or those cozy bed sheets where you lay your enormous carcass on.” Those hard stricken words shattered every bit of dream he ever dreamed off. Sobbing softly he left his father’s study filled with honors one can only dreamed off.

“Wealth and passion destroys a man!” a tradition his family loomed over for years now. Sitting in his coveted brandy shaded bedroom, he thought of his self-contaminating fate. His petition to dream was declined , sigh!. It’s not like he never got to read. The only bit of literature his subtle mind ever tasted are still captivated inside his now deceased text books. “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve it’s the fear of failure”- Paulo Coelho. This quote! no one quiet understood how well his life allied to it. Now he just lays blankly in front of his delusive window panels and dreams a passion…………..


That someday he will be known as the boy dared to dream!

Anindya Arif

The author Anindya Arif

For someone whose whole life is solely based on fantasies & Netflix. From writing clingy captions to unconditionally loving himself, words have always been there in the shape of a compatriot.

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