A Trip to LANSDOWNE and Places nearby


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Do you guys want to visit something different this time in the hilly areas, a place less explored, less crowded and more serene! Then this article is just made for you. We’re here with some amazing places in Uttarakhand that will give you all the feels of you are an adventurous and nature loving person.

More interesting?

You could even go trekking in these locations in lansdowne and puari garhwal.

Our admin @ananyaasinghhh Ananya Singh had an amazing time there and wanted to share the same of the less known yet such an amazing getaway.

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Destination 1 – Tadkeshwar Mandir

Tadkeshwar Mahadev Temple is located about 40 kms. from Lansdowne, the regimental headquarters of Garhwal Rifles, in District Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. People worship tadasar nag as Lord shiva.

Some crazy facts –

Bells are offered at the Tarakeshwar Mahadev Temple. These bells are stored in the temple premises and when their number becomes sizeable they are hung  outside on the pathways to the temple. 


Tarakeshwar is believed to come in dreams and tell people what they should do.

He is believed to come in dreams and tell people what they should do.

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Destination 2 – lansdowne Resorts.

Want to getaway with your family or just your friends? This is the perfect place for you all. Chill and just chill in the resort, enjoy the peaceful from the hustle bustle. What adds more to it? Beauty and the sudden rains. 

Some crazy facts :

It is in the middle of the jungle but with all the facilities needed.

Swimming pool, food and quality time with your closed ones. 


A day or two from your stressed life is a boon here.

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Destination 3 – Bhulla Lake, lansdowne

Beautiful sight to visit in Lansdowne, present at the heart of this small town.

Some crazy facts –

It’s looked after and maintained by the garhwal regiment.

Scenic beauty for some really cool pictures and photography places like the bridge.

Boating for people and enjoy the sightseeing around it.

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Destination 4 – Sanglakoti, Pauri Garhwal.

Sangla Koti village is located in Satpuli Tehsil of Garhwal district in Uttarakhand, India. It is situated 33km away from sub-district headquarter Satpuli and 85km away from district headquarter Pauri Garhwal. As per 2009 stats, Sangalakothe is the gram panchayat of Sangla Koti village.

Crazy facts –

With such a small population, it is extremely well equipped with all facilities.

The people here have their morning at 5 and the day gets over at 8 by night.

It has some cool destinations nearby with a lake running in this district for people to click pictures and bath and even the oldest temple of the Pahadi people named as Kalinga devi mandir.

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Destination 5 – tip in top, lansdowne

1.5 km away from the city Lansdowne this place is the highest point of the city and you get to see the magnificent Shivalik Range.

Some crazy facts –

Amazing photography point.

Visit it alone or with the close ones it gives you utter peacefulness and serenity.

Walk walk and walk a little here, enjoy the weather cold breeze at this highest point.

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