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‘Inking the silence’ is an anthology of poems and prose poems.
I consider a heart too clichè and too brimmed to be filled with more only to watch one’s feelings being buried deeper and deeper until they could be felt down the core. So, I decided to carve them over pale sheets, to keep their scent alive and read them daily.

I hope you guys enjoy ‘Inking The Silence’ as much as my pen enjoyed to bleed.
With utmost care I have placed every verse for I was aware of its veiled fragility. I wish much lovingly, these verses tempt your eyes and seep in through your being.

It is reasonably priced at
₹150 for paperback
₹99 for ebooks.

It is available on various e-commerce channels.
You can order a paperback copy on #amazon, #Flipkart, #bookscamel, #educreation_store.
Ebooks are available on #playstore, #Google_books

The kindle version is also available on amazon.

For any further details you can email at

Or follow the link available on my Instagram account @garima.joshi

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