College life

We entered into a world that was new,
To find out that we were the chosen few;
All the things around were strange and queer,
But something inside said that there was nothing to fear.
Time progressed neat and clear,
Reminding us that the end was near;
Looking back to the days gone by,
Gives us a reason to cherish and cry.
We struggled hard to give our best,
So that in peace and calm, we may rest.
We wept when the days were bad,
Friends were the family then who made us glad.
We enjoyed bunking boring classes,
Canteen was the place where we shared many gossips.
We met people who made us blush,
Not longer did we realize that we had a crush.
Days and weeks, we sat and listened,
Only to realize that nothing has glistened;
We longed for the days that were to come,
Our hopes clinged onto reasons that were some.
We had our days under the sun,
Which were nothing but full of fun.
With every passing day, we near the end,
We longed for the past that we could mend.
With hope and despair equally spread,
Its the world outside that we dread;
But like the rosy days that we discuss,
All this could pass without any fuss.
The world we knew was full of high – fives,
Needless to say, those were the best days of our lives.

Ritika Arora

The author Ritika Arora


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