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Life could be hard, when thoughts and emotions obfuscate decisions. Well DD aka Dhruv dikshit travelled on the roads of a similar journey.
Cocooned between college and life, emotions and astute decisions and amidst all, hollowness and the blues injecting its venom, DD decided to write his heart out.
Pointing a common thought that a writer is created by a wound in his soul, Dhruv came up with a thought of compiling all this in a blog.

Don’t Hesitate Contacting Us
Don’t Hesitate Contacting Us

Ddkablog! Starting its journey an year back ddkablog glazed it’s existence.
With co founders and authors Tarima and Ananya it gained a momentum and a pandora box of writings, stories and poetry
By and by with the addition of a huge team constituting young writers, poets and story tellers, the blog showed up as a professional platform providing its reader the finest content.
And today, ddkablog stands as one of a mega blog in lucknow.
From sponsoring events , writing contents, to being an official marketing partner for numerous events ddkablog has buzzed its place with shine significantly in the competition

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