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Dear potential significant other….

Dear potential significant other, From the girl who is cranky and loving, emotional yet detached. Relationships are always a bummer, but I guess we don’t pick up who we fall in love with and it never really happens like we hoped. In a phase where nothing really interested me, this person had me hooked with talks. Even the time traveller would chuckle how in just a few months you had me from being a complete stranger to the inseparable part of my life you are now.

He is my best friend, a pen partner, a midnight narrator and my favourite person to groove with. He is the one who could make me marry his tiniest faults. I know I’m not the mushy type, my love is always laced with sarcasm and I know that our arguments and silly over the top discussions will be the sauce to the food of our love forever. He is the one who can calm my insecurities and shut me up when I am blabbering. But no matter what, I am still the boss, love. I don’t know why but I had to remind you about this before you go on to read more.


I’d want you to know you’ll always be a retarded soul for me. The one who was made to be In sink with another retard finding their ways to each other. I still believe in pinky promises as the legitimate foundation of trust. So, I pinky promise I’d be a part of the bucket list that’s been created long before and will end up completing it with you. Also to remind you I don’t share food. I guess I could make an exception here, maybe because it’s you but the last portion of the food would always be mine. I know am no one to complete you but I’ll be the one who will inspire to complete you in your fullest form. Help you grow and grow with you together, that’s what I am here for. Through thick and thin leaving no stone unturned.


Apart from all this above mentioned love, my loathings will get nastier and sarcastic each passing day nourished with too much understanding of our circumstances and yet continuing with those constant ranting literally for life and beyond. Hands down, I’m a psychotic bitch. Good luck dealing with that. Well, you signed up for this mess. Before signing off, I know I don’t do this too often but I love you more than any “I love you’s” ever spoken because you’re worth every mile between us. Signing off.

Yours, Not so easy to deal with girlfriend.



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