Doom In The Platter!

The delectable aroma of the delicacies, beckoned me. Unable to resist the delightful sensations that whipped up inside my memory at the mere thought of delving one’s teeth deep and fast into the appetizing stuff, i was filled with zeal.

It was a wedding occasion but the star of the show was, the highly captivating, aromatic,scrumptious food…which was waiting for the whole assemblage. Countless cheeses,breads,vegetables,curries adorned my platter. I refilled it to satiate my taste buds again.

“Cheese Poppers aren’t that crisp!……”The mocktails too are sugary… Ya, and the Garlic Breads too contain a dash of scorched flavour…”. These ‘Master-Chef’ comments were audible to me by a group of extra-sophisticated ladies, who were constantly analysing the food. Very evidently, their salvers were loaded with the succelent stuff, but on every- bite they were blurting out a scrutinizing remark.

After finishing half of my meal, even I was convinced of the fact, that the dishes weren’t satisfying and dispassionately, I landed my trencher into the dustbin….and started strolling around the lawn.

Few minutes later,a dustbin, which was filled with used plates,supported by two workers came into my view. They upturned it. Freezy light breezes, brushed my cheeks…. and I relishing the bliss,closed my eyes….. My eyelashes flapped and what I saw was piteous and mind-blogging…….

There was a feeble,debilitated old man with rugged and worn-out attire.His matted hair resembled Medusa’s Head of Serpents. His soiled clothes did not expose his body much. He was lying on his knees to the ground and was dislodging dust from the left-over breads of people, with his trembling hands.I could see that the mere sight of food liquidated the dryness of hunger in his eyes. There was a joyous expression on his wrinkly,bony face and a smile over his chapped lips…. Very wobbly, he started guzzling….

This poignant scenario, gave me a stinging sensation. I felt as if someone transpierced me , from the a spear of guilt. That man actually, wiped off all the leavings, through his tongue directly from the ground,analogical to a dog. Was he mad…? No…! He was hungry…that was the answer.

He had an expression of contentment and relaxation, on the contrary, I felt cursed to witness such a lamentable and excruciating scene. He, unaware of the world,was striding away and the ear- splitting words of those materialistic women,stabbed my ears… And that Beggar, sauntered away,till his shadow dissolved somewhere in the darkness…….

Srishti Lohani

The author Srishti Lohani


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    You are one of the best short story writer for me.
    I am a big fan of yours​, keep writing want to read your more and more stories😊😊 thank u.

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