Failed? Rise to fail again!

Failed? In exams
or in your first program?
Failed in interview
or making mouth watering chicken stew?

Failed in love a ninth time
or saving nothing… Not even a dime!
Failed at being a perfectionist
or ticking off the to-do list?

Failed in following your passion
or being a follower of fashion?
Failed at proving yourself right
or in victoring a fight?

Failed in finding the meaning of life?
Don’t worry we all have been cut deep with that knife!

You haven’t failed until it’s your last breath.
Who knows, if you try, can ditch death!

You haven’t failed if you feel low,
it’s a sign you can rise and glow.

Believe in life after death? No it doesn’t exist!
All you have is this moment to relish hassles and twists!

You have one life, one tiny life,
To live, enjoy and cry
It’s never the end until you die!

Be the superlative degree of everything,
Be the Queen.. Be the king!

It’s your life.. It has to be your way,
Make every second count because it might be your last day.

Stop crying! Don’t waste your salts
On your inexorable faults.

Pause this moment! Feel your heartbeat!
Stupefy yourself! It’s okay to feel offbeat!

Be tangled! Be lost!
Feel exhaust and wander over the uncrossed!

Observe! The new and the old you!
Only you’re the beholder of struggles you have gone through!

You’re stronger, you’re braver, you’re calmer, you’re brighter, you’re smarter, you’re lazier, you’re more rigid, you’re more imperfect, you’re more ready than ever.

You’re a star who is made to shimmer in the blue sky!
Rise! Fly high! Be the candy of your own eye!

Shoot yourself up and burn yourself to own the new moon night!
Ignite your potential and be the Twilight!

Niyanta Sarkar

The author Niyanta Sarkar

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