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Do we need fair and lovely or dark and sexy?

Do we need fair and lovely or dark and sexy?
Once in our lifetime we come across a stage where every dark and dusky girl has to face problems because of her not soothing complexion. Or Indian society lives in there bubbles of idealism where fair skin equals beauty. People have a say, for any parent, his or her daughter is the most beautiful girl in the world. But any girl judged by the colour of her skin can never feel the saying she was once proud of. Is that a NO for fair and lovely? I’d have to say yes! Not every fair girl is pretty, does that mean dark and sexy is good? the answer here would be NO.
Confusing, isn’t it?
Why is the second question a NO? Or why the answer to the first question is a yes? it’s because we Indians have never realised that your colour doesn’t matter unless you reveal the person you really are. We are unable to accept ourselves the way we are. Instead we want to see ourselves from another person’s point of view.
Ever thought about Africa’s models? If fair was beauty, the African girls would have never entered any beauty competitions. The reason they reach to such high level, is the acceptance of there personalities, colour, the pride they carry. Their love for there skin is same as any of us. But what counts is the confidence.
Imagine yourself going to a parlour and asking a foundation, the shopkeeper firstly would give you something to make your skin fair. What we fools think is, if we get fairer , we get attractive. That’s how the society rates us! One should be confident enough to speak that I don’t need a fair complexion to be attractive, all I need is a good courageous heart to accept the pride I carry with my skin.

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