Fashion takes a revolt [Bobo Calcutta]

Freedom. Protest. Rebellion. Art. Passion

These are only a few words that describes Ayushman Mitra’s pret couture label Bobo Calcutta.

With art and contemporary sparkles tailored in it , this label will drape you with a fabric of protest against the lack of basic freedom to love and live in India.

These garments are like posters painted with ideas of emancipation and love across the land, making his art accessible and tangible than ever before.

While reading through his interviews on his brand label and idea behind it he says

“A lot of people appreciate art, but most of us cannot afford to buy it. So I thought of making my art available to people in the form of garments. Why not wear art, use art, as opposed to hanging it on walls, or placing it in a gallery? This way art interacts with more people, starts more conversations, and becomes more effective”

He also explains his concept of art-on-the-go, for instance his central decor of epicene faces kissing depicts one’s right to kiss whoever they wants with a stand of acceptance of oneself, the ego and alter ego. The lip-lock depicts self acceptance. To be able to wear this makes art and it’s meaning more vulnerable to freedom.

His collection is a strong echo unconstrained by gender. They are simply palpable depicting the ideas of freedom and love.

The manuscript of his creation screams amidst an ecstatic chaos with sepprentive symmetry and a co-eval mystery.

You’ll find his motifs trope etched within profusion of Banarasi silk carved with embroidery and tinted in psychotropic form of colours.

Bobo stands to be an amalgamation of Bengal’s art and craft history and a nostalgic ode. His collection is inspired by painters such as Nandalal Bose and Jamini Roy.

Apart from his label, Bobo is also working on a project marked The Art Heart Project, in which he with his friend is creating a series of variety,featuring all sorts of walk of life from Calcutta.

For now, The Bobo Label remains in its home Calcutta and we hope to see this front line trending couture heating a Love revolution.

Yashna Srivastava

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