I remember the day when I met you and realized that how keenly I started noticing that weird change around me. It’s like I never paid attention to such LITTLE THINGS that somehow always existed but I always in rush with my life that it got overlooked. Looking out for bigger picture was always my thing but it was you who made me realise how most little things that I usually ignore, can be a great source of our happiness.

You know, happiness is overrated. We tend to seek it from the bigger things instead it’s the little things that make us feel the happiness.

Initially, it was so weird for me how little things like seeing a squirrel enjoy its meal or even getting a gift from Kinder Joy could make you feel so elated and happy about it.
I used to remember how the bigger materialistic things or toys gave me joy but you, you waived your imaginary world apart from these ideologies. For you, the happiness came from the tiniest creatures, smallest toys, weirdly moulded things and the list goes on.

“You taught me that SIZE is not proportional to joy.”

The little things and moments that made you happy was what kept on inspiring me. Meanwhile, I sensed something crazy happening with me. I began to seek happiness from those little things you used to feel happy about.

And this time, I would sheepishly smile when you excitedly told me about the little gift or how you loved to see a squirrel eat.

And this time I knew, I had started to fall for her. These little things turned out to be pathway towards her beautiful heart. For her smile and her way of reaching out for little things. Unbelievably, it was me who started doing those little things for her just to see her happy.

But timing’s a bitch.

You changed and those little things don’t matter to you anymore. I still gulp the harshness of change.

I just wanted you to know that here I am still stuck in this world which you’ve left and I can’t find a way out. Even your footprints have vanished to lead me a way out of this.


I feel helpless but you know what?
In a way, I am so thankful to you for showing me that how amazingly these LITTLE THINGS can have a hold in your heart.

I guess am stupid. I still do these LITTLE THINGS for you and I hope will they ever mean to you as they used to. It has simply stopped functioning or maybe ran out of battery.

I guess, I BECAME YOU and YOU BECAME ME in the end.


Because you know what did I learn?
There are a lot of little reasons why big things in our lives happen.


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Being a COMPUTER SCIENCE Student and having this love for WRITING, I came up with this project for contributing to LITERATURE COMMUNITY. Whenever I find myself with leisure time, I come here and write about various things. Providing various categories for custom readers was an initiative to bring selective readers on this website too.

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