Another cloudy night rolled in covering the last of the twilighted sky,as if blackness failed to come fast enough.I could feel the soothing smell of petrichor on the field of London. Being a pluviophile,it was just a heartthrob.

The rolling grey rapidly became invisible as the stars concealed it,but the air still felt humid.

After a whole feverish schedule, i just stood there in my balcony to observe the weather modifications which was quite common here,unlike India…..
A sudden thought of your native nation and then millions of memories just spurt out of your mind…..
I took out my phone and started scrolling out several facebook posts…. My eyes came through something and I stood there motionless, numb and dumbfounded and fell back to the ground landing on my back. It was as if the impact had knocked out every whisp of air from my lungs and I lay there struggling as if i was paralysed. I was struggling to keep my outflowing emotions under grip……. It has been a year- one full of rushing in and out- but this brought a majestic hustle- bustle in my mind.

(About 16 months ago)

“Ashima…I have been offered a job in London with a handsome salary package!!” I stammered, looking in her deep,black eyes.
She took few seconds to respond, “Waooohhh Rehan!! I am so happy….That’s great….” she said with a glowing face and struggling to balance her emotions, “Is it the same job for which you were working madly day and night…??” She asked with her eyes- widening….
“…Yes…” I said in a mixed expression…..

So are you all set for your. BIG BRIGHT FUTURE….MR.CEO!!”she mad a euphoric covering in her soul-stirring voice. I couldn’t get what she intend to say,but all my second thoughts were cleared as she warmly hugged me under the evening sky,in the park and said,” I don’t have words to explain,how happy i am.You may find it strange but i prayed every single day for the success of this project !! I love you…!!”, she exclaimed….

I reciprocated with the tightest hug to her and there it lead to my career voyage…..

The four months of internship,I found several distractions which pushed me in a state of dilemma and One day,finally, I took a decision and made a phone call….

“Finally, there is a call from you Mr.Busy Bee!! I had waited for this call for about 15 days. You were damn busy it seems.I guess it is the 5th call you made since you left this place Mr.Billionaire!! No worries Busy- bee!!….Hey Rehan…are you there?”,
Aashima said.
I could hear the noise of some kids from the other side of the phone.

” Hey Aashima” I spoke stumbling then gaining victory over my nervousness. I hardened my heart and said,” I can’t continue with this relationship Aashima….it’s over!!”

After i blurted out these words. There was a deep silence on the other side of the phone. But, I could hear the noise of those nasty kids and could feel the splintering of a heart too. The phone got disconnected.

(Present day)

A sudden noise broke the cascade of my dreams. I could unconsciously hear a voice in an English accent, “Honey! It’s Stella here….Let’s go out for a dinner….it had been a week we went for a date….Honey! ‘Ray(Rehan)’…..where are you dear……?”

My rewind memories took a pause as I came back to my consciousness and read again that post from where the journey of my thoughts started. It read,” RIP AASHIMA! We will miss you….!! May your soul rest in peace.”

That’s how I feel now,trying to remember how to breathe,unable to speak,totally stunned as the name bounced inside my skull….


– Srishti Lohani


The author dhruv_08

Being a COMPUTER SCIENCE Student and having this love for WRITING, I came up with this project for contributing to LITERATURE COMMUNITY. Whenever I find myself with leisure time, I come here and write about various things. Providing various categories for custom readers was an initiative to bring selective readers on this website too.


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