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Why ? An open letter from your Lost Love



I have started wondering my existence. Why do even I exist when I am not even sure that do i still love you…

With infuriated red eyes and anger sweating down, i came home knowing that you weren’t in my life anymore. I cried. Cried, till my heart went thirsty and deprived. It felt like my soul  lost its way to home and lashed outside. I couldn’t forget the way you loved me, that pampering, those Cinderella rides.

Days passed, you are still stuck in my mind. The only difference that lies beside, that I think your kisses the more than your humble lies, have obliterated those feelings from my mind but not those wild bites, forgotten the day you lifted me in your arms,remembering your body just your body by my side. I wonder what has started to happen  , why could I not remember the love you poured on me,  why the only thing I want is your body. There was something in you, I felt when you laid beside me. The misty fragrance that still dwells in my mind,  those gentle fingers that played stories on my curves, that passion which pushed me and made my mind and body dance in the rage of glee.

Now, that we have dis owned each other, I still want..Not you, but your body, want to feel *your* manly hands feeding over my body. Want our biological equations to co relate somehow again.

But, I wonder..did I ever loved you or it was just my carnal desire to own your body?

From- your Lost love.

Yashna Srivastava

The author Yashna Srivastava

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