Word Wizardry

She was like me but she wasn’t me.

You wished you could have me back but you had lost me in a glitch for like ever.

Too late because by the time you realised what I was to you, I was far far away.
Distance happened.

You left me stranded and when you looked back I was long gone and gone forever.

You tried to find me in every new person who crossed your way. You tried to find a face that reassembled mine, because every time when you thought about me there was only and only a regret of letting me go.

But one fine evening, while walking out of our favourite restaurant you happened to meet a girl.

Awed and stuck by the resemblance she had with me, you stood there with just a single thought.

The thought of having her and keeping her around.

And guess what? She became the companion you needed.

Maybe the glistening of her eyes were similar to mine or maybe the sound of laughter seemed way too familiar to be of a stranger.

Maybe it was the same rose berry fragrance like mine that you adored the most she put on or maybe you confused her words to be were too similar which I always spoke.

Her tangled and wavy hair and her habit of playing with them just like I did or Maybe she had kept alive the child in her just like me.

Maybe you didn’t realise but you had already started to fall for her.

Because she reminded you of someone whom you could never forget, she reminded you and kept reminding you every single time you looked her from top to toe only and only of Me.

Maybe she was just like me but remember she wasn’t me.

Tarima Manoj

The author Tarima Manoj

I believe that everyone is a writer, some get discovered and others are yet to be discovered.

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