Word Wizardry

You! someone I don’t dream about anymore.

Those fascinations are now without a sovereign!

I always wanted to be a vibrant painting of life a lonely artist sketches, but irony of fate I became the artist instead. As they say “you don’t get what you want” do you? A light breeze of uncertainty was blowing relentlessly, whispering the sound of utter madness mixed with a soothing aroma of a new beginning. As it touched my face I felt a different kind of intimacy, the feeling was indescribably beautiful, poisoned with hope.

Even the lamppost seemed rather gloomy today, the moon has always faded it’s beauty. Does she hold a grudge towards the grand Empress of the sky?.  I hope it doesn’t. The small radiance that flickers from it has its own priceless value, which  she will realize with time. The wet pavements often felt like the best place to reminisce old thoughts and broken promises. Don’t go away by Oasis was playing on the back which made me vulnerable as the long forgotten memory lane reappeared in front of me, leaving me in a state which words cannot describe.

In an attempt to distract myself I looked upon the avenue, even the constantly overflowing avenue seemed lifeless, as the tracks kept changing  I lost track of time reminiscing about an undesired beauty who once used to rule my eternity. Nostalgia was starting to hungover me, fading glimpse of the life I left behind started to appear in front of me, those dreams are now long forgotten and no longer remembered. Yet they have some kind of specialty that keeps me attached to them. She has now been replaced by glistering opportunities and self agony.

Nevertheless, still a inappreciable part of me wants to believe that things will get back how they used to be, as time will amble me back to you. Maybe, only then we can start over again in a mystical garden where its bursting into life and the reason will be you.

Anindya Arif

The author Anindya Arif

For someone whose whole life is solely based on fantasies & Netflix. From writing clingy captions to unconditionally loving himself, words have always been there in the shape of a compatriot.

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