“Stay?”, I squealed with hope.
“I will”, he smiled.
Love grew even in the corners of my heart.

“Stay?”, I demanded.
“Always”, he held me tight.
Love nurtured and consumed my heart in all possible ways.

“Stay?” I sighed.
He walked away.
And didn’t even look back.

These walls of my heart had shredded of hope for another chance at love. I could hear my screams from afar to stay myself but I knew I could never be the same and I didn’t want to.
– Ananya.


The author dhruv_08

Being a COMPUTER SCIENCE Student and having this love for WRITING, I came up with this project for contributing to LITERATURE COMMUNITY. Whenever I find myself with leisure time, I come here and write about various things. Providing various categories for custom readers was an initiative to bring selective readers on this website too.

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