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Hello! This is Supriya Chaurasia pursuing bachelor’s of Mass Communication and Journalism from Amity University , Lucknow. For me Photography is a love affair with life. When you see things differently, that ultimately becomes your vision.

Ques 1 : How does Photography helps you to seek happiness?

Photography helps me to seek happiness in a way that I get to capture moments and relive them again when I look back at those pictures. It’s like pausing time for a while and that’s what my strength is. Capturing vibrant things gives me a whole other level of satisfaction. I love colours and they bring a smile on my face. It’s because of these colours that everything around seems so beautiful.

Ques 2 : what things you observe before finding your perfect clicks?

‌When I click a picture I actually don’t observe anything in particular, it’s just that I want to show the world that it is actually the simple things that can be so beautiful and lucid. I click anything and everything from lifeless objects to living beings. To me the definition of a perfect click is anything that soothes the eyes and the soul of the observer​, everything around is beautiful it just needs to be presented in a way it has never been presented before. And like it’s said beauty lies in the eyes of holder. I’d like to change it to beauty is redefined through the lens of a photographer.

Ques 3 : Any ideal or inspiration you follow?

‌I am a staunch believer of the fact, the more unique your work the more you stand out of the crowd. Frankly speaking, I do not follow anyone but then I have keenly observed various works and learnt from them. But at the end of the day I try to bring something new for my audience every single time. Because this is what I am passionate about.

Ques 4 : what outlook doodle means to you and what is the story behind this?

‌I still remember the day when I joined Amity, I named my page ‘supriya photography’. And during our first photography class, our faculty made a mockery about all the ‘xyz photography’ pages. That was the exact moment I decided to change my account’s name to ‘outlook_doodle’ and from that day whence this page has given me a lot. It has given me such huge unexpected appreciations which has helped me in improving my work over the time. As it is said first you become a part of it and then it becomes a part of you. The people around me have seen me growing in this due course of time. I still try to put my 100 percent whenever I have my camera in my hand and I’m set for my work. I feel so connected to it and that gives me the motivation to work harder than ever before. It’s this zeal in me that keeps me going and I hope it will always be ignited in me.

Thank you so much DD KA BLOG. I am really thankful for this opportunity. It was so much fun.


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