Interviews - The Budding Artists


Question: Thajju, from where did you get the name ‘Thajju’?


Answer: Ugh, that is a bit weird. Thia and Ajju(Adiraj) makes Thajju. We have combined both of our names to form this one.


Question: So, how did you decide to make a career out of dancing together?


Ajju:  Initially, we both were solo artists from Kanpur. 2 years back, there was a shoot happening for an album. Thia was the lead in that and I was just a background dancer. She saw me dancing, appreciated me and said that I should be dancing in the front as well. Soon after that, auditions for the front position took place. I practiced for two continuous days so that I can get the center position and, I got it. We didn’t talk until the shoot got over. Once it was over, I asked for her number and without any hesitation, she gave that to me. Then, she invited me to perform in the Lucknow Mahotsav. After that I decided to shift to Lucknow. We decided to perform a duet on a romantic song despite us being hip-hop dancers. The competition was Raksh, where we had performed our first duet.

Question: Tell us about your journey of Just Dance India.


Answer: Almost all the reality dance shows are fake, but JDI is a fair competition. We were the finalists of JDI. We gave our auditions from Delhi. The owner, Aditya, had given us a standing ovation. We love to perform freestyle but along with that, we love to present Hindi as a culture. Hi-Hello karte hain, pranaam nahi karte aaj-kal ke bacche. So, we want to promote our culture as well.


Question: What advice would you give to a new dancer? Which dance form to choose?


Thia: Every dancer is a good dancer, but some of them are trying to be like Sushant Khatri and Raghav Juyal and so on. I would suggest them to be themselves. Getting inspired from such big performers is great but trying to be like their mini version is not.

Ajju: There are many big actors, if you want to be like Ranbir Kapoor or Hritik Roshan and enter into Bollywoood, you might probably not make it. As Thia said, I would also like to say ‘Be Yourself’. I proudly say that I am Ajju and I would like to get known by this name only.


Question (from the audience): I want to ask that you have already achieved a good position as of now so what next?


Ajju: When I had started to dance, I didn’t know that I would make it to this position. At times, when a person aims for something and he achieves it, he forgets about making higher aims, to reach to better position. I would suggest to everyone that set smaller goals to reach to the bigger one. Do not go from 0 to 10, go from 0 to 5, then from 5 to 10.


Question (from the audience): What is the mark that you would want to achieve now in the next 2-3 years?


Thia: Nice question. Now, we want Thajju to be a brand name which everyone knows and I guess me and Ajju believe that we will accomplish this in the next two to three years.




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