Word Wizardry

The Lost friendship

That was the time when the story began,
Three different people when shook their hands.
Soon their friendship got much fame,
Besties was what they gave it a name.
From attending lectures to bunking classes,
Jealous of them were the rest of the masses.
Time passed, their friendship grew strong,
Secrets, gossips, everything they shared among.
Unaware were they of the destiny’s play,
Never thought one day they will drift away.
Then came a time when everything changed,
The popular friendship lost its name.
Together they are standing still,
But destiny now has changed its will.
Somewhere deep they still miss each other,
Nobody but speaks this further.
Watching those pics my eyes are wet,
Why did this friendship came to an end?
I wish i could bring back the time,
When everything was proper n fine.
Wherever you go i pray that’s good,
Want to bring back that friendship if i could.

Ritika Arora

The author Ritika Arora

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