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  • First of all, who is RAHUL according to you? How should people reading this know about him?

Hey, This is Rahul Singh Rathour pursuing Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University, Lucknow.

I am a budding writer learning every next second to come up with something new through my pen that may help you i.e. the reader to feel that YOUR thoughts have been expressed through my pen. In short, let you connect with my words.

  • What made you so keen interested in writing?

Like every teenage guy I have also been through everything. Yes, may be something different from your story but there was a story. I chose the road most traveled but failed. Failure bestowed me with this gift that I started writing. Today, when I look back to my works from the year I started blogging i.e. 2014, I smile. Yes, the smile which says – Seriously, I wrote it. But, I am glad how I developed and evolved learning. Gradually, people started connecting with my words and that is how I found love in writing.



  • What sets you apart as a writer? Who are your inspiration in this field?

Nowadays, blogging is like a compulsory activity for every teenager. You have been through a heartbreak so let’s start a blog. This is what I have observed. But, the real writing is somewhere being lost in the midst. I also follow the trend from short stories to poems, I also write quotes. But, why to restrict yourself to a genre. I write about everything I see. Everything and anything can give you a story. I just feel it and pen it down. I have few readers on my blog or social network and they are who inspire me to write something they can fall in love with.


  • Tell us about THINKING OUT CLOUD. Is there any story behind it?

The reason behind the name I gave to my blog is really kiddish because when I named it, I was one. ‘THINKING OUT CLOUD’ is the blend of the well-known strategy of being different which says ‘Think Out of the Box’ and when the medium of thinking was cloud network. I amalgamated the two and came up with the name – ‘Thinking Out Cloud’. But, now I don’t know why I feel good about this name because it plays an important part in my life. It helps me smile.

  • What is that thing that goes in your mind when you work on your new content? Do you choose them before hand or whatever goes in mind you pen it down?

Telling you how I define the way I write is something difficult. I write anything and everything. There’s no boundaries around me that define my way of writing. Even when I am traveling to some place and the child smiling at me from a corner can give me a story. So, I just live with the moment and express it through my words.

  • Tell us that one thing that people get amaze to know about you because you don’t actually give hints about that?

Something that will amaze you knowing about me is nothing new or special that I have a special ‘Shaklaka Boom Pencil’ that creates the content. But, yeah I don’t express much with the people around me because I preserve those thoughts which help me create a new article for tomorrow. Yeah, everything and anything helps. That’s my strategy.

  • What are your future goals?

Thinking about the ‘Tomorrow’ for me. I am working ahead to help ‘Thinking Out Cloud’ reach a platform which can help readers to find the real content that may help them to cherish their love for writing. Further, I would be using the social media platform to create something new that would surely stand apart with its existence. And, yeah the work is in progress.

  • What does Rahul loves to do when he is not writing or what does he likes to do in his leisure time?

It’s not easy to write without writing. So, I am bibliophile. Reading gives me peace because you can find numerous answers in the books which you would have been looking for since long. So, that’s the reason I look for a book every time I have some leisure time. But, my hobby still counts the same from the teenage list like traveling, photography and the same goes on.


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  • What will you tell young writers and readers of this article? Any words of inspiration that could drive them and fill them with positivity.

I will just suggest the readers of this post that stop writing if you’re writing to show someone. A message to all those broken heart souls around. Start writing for yourself. Don’t construct a boundary of genre around you. Learn and evolve. Everyone is born with a brilliant talent, keep the search on. You will surely find yours.

Thanking you so much DDKABLOG for being a platform which can help us ‘The budding artists’ grow ahead giving a boom to our passion.


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