From the very beginning of this life,

You were the one who stood by my side.

You gave me birth, taught me everything,

Today I think what good have I made you bring.

Holding my hands, you taught me to walk,

I don’t know how fast has time hit the clock.

You covered all my lies,

And saved me from all those silly fights.

When I was low, you made me strong,

I don’t know this much will how can someone hold on.

You are the one who manages it all,

From kitchen’s mess to dad’s cholesterol.

Never you complained,

Never were you tired,

Never were you lazy,

Never you retired.

Away from home in this big city,

You are the one like whom I want to be.

My silence only you understood,

When I was distressed and low in childhood.

Sleeping in your laps seemed heaven for me,

Nowhere else could this comfort ever be.

I know I made many mistakes,

Not listening to you and acting so fake.

But today everything I’ve realized mom,

You are the one who has made me so strong.

You are my hero mom,

All you taught I will always carry along.

You are truly a gift from God above,

Only he could have made you with so much love.

Ritika Arora

The author Ritika Arora


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