Yes, I’m a wanderer. I take my thoughts and roam about in the blank room of my mind. I’m a person of my dreams and that’s what defines me. I’m an independent girl who thinks twice before heading anywhere in any situation.


Yes, I’m a wanderer. I take pride in collecting my ideas to take it to a level higher than my imagination. I make myself confident enough to step ahead with my emerging mindset. A finger pointed at me can either get destroyed or is converted into a handshake. I carry my connections as a weapon of boosting courage. I am a wanderer, who likes to light up every move she takes. A person who loves to create an atmosphere of friendship. A girl who loves chasing her desires and is focused towards her destiny.


Why am I a wanderer? Nothing in the world can change you unless and until you allow yourself to. I’m a wanderer to believe in myself. I’m a wanderer to bring a change in my surroundings. I walk in circumstances to make myself stronger and integral. A smile is a compulsion and makes a wondering soul more beautiful.

Loneliness is an interlude between the undesired scenarios and a peaceful stage of mind. This is something a wanderer experience each time she takes a decision. Weakness is another stage which you need to go though and survive.


Yes, I’m a wanderer. I like and adore the person I intend to be and will eventually get converted into.

Yes, I keep my self away from all distraction yet I think they are a part of growing up and analyzing yourself.

Shivangi Singh

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