Engineering does not end in an IIT. Being from engineering side, I’d use it as a reference, but I feel this applies to all fields. You’re not a failure Because you fail only when you’ve got no chances left, but you never know when you’d get a chance, do you? You need to realise that if you did not get what you aspired for , it does not mean that you did not work hard for that. If you could not crack an exam, it does not mean you didn’t study. Sometimes, it is just not your day, but not always, mind you.

If you can retain the drive, the courage to keep working hard, eventually you’d have it big. Not all successful people were from top colleges. I have a few stories among my close known ones who made it big being from mediocre colleges. Not a staunch believer in fate and destiny, but sometimes it does boil down to it. Stop being so critical about yourself, look forward to what’s next , not to what’s gone. Look for your next chance, not the one you couldn’t take. The society will criticise, they will tell you that this is not for you, you should’ve pursued something easier, but they do not need to be paid attention to, let alone answered. The only support you’re gonna need is your family. None of the “padosi” aunties will be half happy on your success of what your mother will be.

However , this does not mean that fate is the only thing that decides things, work too, has a big role. If you did not get the best college, that does not mean you’re not good, as it is not the end of opportunities, they will come, and keep coming if you keep working. Close to 5000 seats in IITs for general category students, 5000 seats for millions to grab. If you get a rank of 6000, you might not be able to get into the particular college, but did you do bad? 6000 out of the lakhs that appeared? You did TOO good, it’s just that someone else did better. But that doesn’t make for you to get upset and consider yourself as a failure, and stop working as a result. That means the competition got the better of you. No you’re not a failure if you worked with intent, no it is not the time to feel dejected yet. There’s a proverb which reads , “Fortune favours the brave” , but not one that reads , “fortune favours ALL brave”.

If you get unlucky, it doesn’t imply that you weren’t brave enough. As I said , ENGINEERING DOESN’T END AT THE IITs , LAW DOESN’T END AT THE NLUs, MBA DOESN’T END AT THE IIMs , and so on..

The path may get unconventional, but you will make it big if you do not give up. Try something out of the box, maybe? All you need is perseverance and patience. Good comes to those who work for it. Of not immediately but slowly. Definitely, it does.
Keep striving. Never stop.

Let’s go a little straight forward and in our style –
“Seedhi si baat hai, pehli baar mein toh Dhoni ke shots bhi miss ho jaate hain, magar bat hi ghumana chhor dega to 6 jaane ka chance 0%”.
True enough?

So, keep going. Rise and shine. More power to you everyone out there.



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